Like so many things, the answer is it depends on the material selected and the difficulty of the installation. Standard double hung vinyl windows, which are the typical rectangle over rectangle design on most houses, that we can walk right up to are about $100. A storm door is about $125. Here are some typical homes with estimated pricing for the entire front of the homes. Keep in mind as windows get very big, very small, very high, or have curves or angles the price increases.

Garden Home - This home has 3 sets of new vinyl windows with internal dividers. Estimated price for the front of this house would be $400 - $600 depending on the final tint selection.

Typical 3/2 in newer subdivisions - This home has 10 double hung windows with internal dividers and 4 accent windows. This home would average $950 - $1500 depending on final film selection.

4/3 Typical of many Hoover subdivisions. This house has 16 double hung windows with internal dividers, 3 transom windows and 1 curved window. Price would be $1500 - $2000 depending on final film selection.

Greystone style typical 4 bed / 3bath has 17 windows. They are all large, high or curved. $2250 - $3000 depending on final film selection.

Modern style with 8 windows that are all large. Very large windows can present more difficult installations. $2000 - $2800 depending on final film selection.

Mountain Brook typical This house has 236 all individual wood frame French Panes for windows. $2500 - $4000 depending on final film selection.

Old Birmingham on the Mountain - Typically these windows are all wood framed, high up, in rooms with hardwood floors, expensive rugs, antique furnishings and silk drapes. Frequently these homeowners want the very best film available that still lets in a large amount of light but stops a large amount of heat. The technology and manufacturing required to do that is expensive. These jobs can easily be $10,000+ But for these consumers it's really a very small investment when you consider the prevention of UV damage to the expensive furnishings. And yes, we have done several like this. The largest one we have tinted is the second largest house in the state.