Automotive Tinting in Hoover & Birmingham, AL

Automotive tinting is handled by our other company, Artistic Solar Films. We bring the best products and services to our automotive customers, with solar window tinting, ceramic films, self darkening films, safety films, paint protection, vehicle wraps, graphics and signs. Please give us a call at 205-823-TINT(8468) or visit us at ArtisticSolarFilms.Com

Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval

Window films for sun protection is recommended by dermatologists as a skin safe preventative measure for patients. Our Llumar and Vista window films with UV Shield technology carries the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal Of Recommendation as a product that is safe and effective for protecting against skin damage for homes and they recommend that it be applied to all automobiles.

Please watch this video from The Weather Channel on the importance of tinting your automobile.